Vicki's Symptoms
Symptoms experienced by a 29 year WLS post op after horizontal gastric stapling.
Cloudy/Blurred/out of focus vision … most days, have to avoid driving car at times because of this. This has been a problem for 4-5 years.

Dry Eyes & sensitivity to light and sunlight ... all the time, had this since 1997, wear sunglasses a lot, both indoors and outside.

Muscle weakness, pain/aching in limbs/joints … difficulty getting out of chairs or off floor, stiff muscles, weakness in arms and legs which causes difficulty carrying objects and anything that requires lifting arms above head, cannot stand for long period of time, usually sit while showering … this is a constant daily problem. Have been experiencing this for 12 months.

Severe fatigue and severe exhaustion … after small amounts of activity … constant daily problem …. need to rest at regular intervals after doing small tasks. Sometimes this can effect me without any prior physical exertion and at times can effect me so badly that I am practically bedridden for 1-3 days. Have had one incidence in 2008 when after working fulltime for one week I was in bed for 10 days. This problem started in 1999 and I suffered with it sporadically ( a couple of episodes per year) until early 2008, when it worsened and has become a weekly problem.

Poor concentration, vagueness, short term memory problems … constant daily problem.Have been suffering with this for 12 months. This also causes a problem for me when it comes to driving as I cannot trust the speed of my reflexes when needed ie; negotiating busy intersections. This has escalated to being a problem most days.

Fluctuating blood sugar levels … daily problem … between 4.2 and 15.0 during coarse of day. If my blood sugar falls below 6.0 I get shaky and disoriented, this also occurs when blood sugar is over 9.0, and also makes me tired. Usually have to eat something and lay down for an hour. This has been a problem for the past 4 years.

Diarhea … most days (6 out of 7 approx) … 4-5 times per day. Usually have a bowel movement within 15-30 minutes after eating. This has been a problem for at least 2 years. Very bad odour accompanies this. At times there is a very sudden urgency to having to go to toilet and pain in my stomach, sometimes accompanied by sweating. Recently this has increased to 6-8 times per day.

Speech problems … slurring of words/right word won't come out, time delays in answering people … occurs most days for a period of time. I have trouble trying to recall common words, mispronounce words & stutter. Some days it is quite bad. This has been a problem for 12 months and appears to be getting worse.

Co-ordination problems ... regularly, always bumping into things and people, knocking things over, dropping objects. Sometimes experience sudden jerking reflexes which causes me to knock things over unintentionally. This has been a problem for 12 months.  

Bloating/distention of abdomen
… every day. Stomach is very hard and tight. Causes difficulty in breathing as my stomach feels like it is sitting directly under my rib cage.This has been a problem for most of 2008 up to now.

Bad acidic taste in mouth, dry mouth, sore tongue … every day, use a lot of mouthwash and lip balm. This has been a problem for 3-4 years.

Frequency of urination … every day, has been a problem for about 5-6 years.

Sensitivity to … loud noises/sudden bright light … has been a regular problem for past 4-5 years. I prefer to be in a quiet environment.