from medical professionals and WLS patients/supporters
  "Well, the gold standard in medicine is the controlled clinical trial. We don't go subjecting 100,000 people to a surgical procedure without doing a controlled clinical trial or dozens of clinical trials, and then looking at the results. Do you know how many clinical trials have been published on weight-loss surgery or gastric bypass? Zero. None of them have compared it to clinical conservative treatment and found it to be superior for life expectancy or for anything else other than, you know, risk factors.
A number of trials have been started, and the final results have never been reported. We have to ask, you know, why haven't we seen the final results? I think it's because it's bad news".

Dr Paul Ernsberger, Assoc Professor of Nutrition, Case Western Medical School

Dr Mason who invented the gastric bypass commented:

"Bariatric surgery still does not have sufficient data from enough patients with any procedure to say which operation is best. I am concerned about the goals of surgeons and patients and their level of interest in what really goes on inside the body after alterations of the anatomy. I am concerned about the focus on the superficial and results from the first year with a lack of concern about how life will be affected when patients are 10 and 20 years older. "

Edward Mason (MD, PhD - inventor of the gastric bypass)
Dr Mason out of doing HIS OWN surgery that he invented after he observed the patients for 15 years and the resultant repercussions of long term vitamin deficiency. It also prompted him to write the following: "For the vast majority of patients today, there is no operation that will control weight to a "normal" level without introducing risks and side effects that over a lifetime may raise questions about its use for surgical treatment of obesity."

Edward Mason (MD, PhD - inventor of the gastric bypass)

"By doing this surgery, you're creating a medical disease in the body. Before you expose someone to that risk, you have to be absolutely sure that you are treating an illness which is equal to or greater than the one you are creating."

(Dr Edward Livingston, bariatric surgeon in Self Magazine, 4-2001)