I made inquiries years ago about having the staples removed and having my esophagus fixed but I was told that this operation would be every bit as horrific as having the surgery in the first place. I was far too frightened to go through it again so I decided to just put up with it. Within 12 months of having the surgery I ended up experiencing some really severe pain and had to have a doctor come to my house on several occasions to give me pain killing injections, as I was nearly going out of my mind. He referred me back to the surgeon who did my gastroplasty and it turns out that he also failed to tell me that I could end up with gall stones and a ruptured appendix as an after effect of the surgery. I was put back into hospital and had my appendix and 22 gall stones removed.
 I only ever lost 2 stone (28 pounds) after having the surgery, even though I was not able to eat anymore than what would fit on a tea cup saucer for the best part of 3 years. I ended up going to see my family doctor who tried giving me several different diets to try for 3 years and still I lost no more weight, and in some circumstances I put a little bit back on, even when my calorie intake was cut back to 500 calories per day. In 1986, my marriage ended and I was very frustrated about my weight so I ended up practically starving myself for 12 months and doing a phenomenal amount of exercise and eventually lost 8 stone (112 lbs). But as soon as I started eating again, it all just went back on. I suppose I sort of gave up by then, but was still not able to eat very much at all. And doing so only helped me to maintain a specific weight. My weight was up and down for years but it was a real struggle.
 In 1993 I became pregnant with my last child and ended up with gestational diabetes and then after I had my daughter my health started to slowly decline. by 1999 I was experiencing really bad fatigue and would fall into a sleep state that my children found hard to wake me from. I was feeling very weak and shaky and I started having problems with my eyes being very sensitive to light, so I started wearing sunglasses quite a lot. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) but was not given any treatment for it. These problems persisted on and off for the next few years and then worsened in 2005 and I was then diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and put on medication. My diabetes has been very unstable since then although my 3 monthly blood tests do not indicate this ... my daily blood sugar readings go up and down quite dramatically during the coarse of a day. Anywhere from a 3 to a 14.7. I was taken to hospital in an ambulance in 2007 early, with a reading of 27.
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