Vicki's Journal
My thoughts and experiences as I travel a journey towards diagnosis & eventual treatment
Entry Date: 19th March 2009
       I am finding that the world of a wls post op with long term complications,is one of difficulties on many different levels. Now I am not saying this because  I'm into promoting misery because that is not the case at all ...but the past 12 months has provided me with a journey that has been a very tough education.

When I first stumbled on information about the long term problems 8 months ago, I had been sick for some time and it was a relief to know that the health issues I was having were associated with something that I could then get my doctor to look into. But that was not to be the case ... the only thing that did happen when I first asked my doctor to explore these possibilities was .... a big brick wall was constructed in my path. So I have since been trying to get past that brick wall for 8 months ... but it just doesn't seem to budge. In fact it very much feels like there are bricks being added to the wall.

I'm an intelligent person and I possess some really solid common sense,but it seems that being a long term wls post op with complications has put me into a category where I am now considored to be some kind of mad woman, who apparantly has resentment issues, and is in denial of the suppossed fact that I am creating all of my own health problems because of my inherant "misery loves company" complex. Now this is not my discription of myself, nor is it the opinion of all the friends I have made in the wls complications community ... this is what I have been labelled as being by medical professionals ( doctor's/councillors) and other post ops (obviously in the honeymoon phase).

As most of my wls friends would know I have in my own way been trying to raise awareness of the post op health plight especially here in Australia ... and my motivation in doing so has been because I really feel for any other people who are out there having to deal with this uninformed and very quickly losing their quality of life. But it seems that the rest of the wls community out there just wants to see me and others in my situation as nuerotic zealots. This causes me a lot of concern as it appears that there is a form of segregation going on within our own community, and that sometimes transfers into the larger environment ( meaning = the world outside wls). How sad is it, that society has become so brain washed ( by the powers that be)into believing that over weight people are just not acceptable and that we should all be hearded into operating theatres to have surgery that makes us more acceptable to the world. Worse still, is the fact that when this surgery falls short of providing the miracle, that it promised ... we are then subjected to still being treated as rejects in society. It's almost like there is some kind of psuedo caste system in operation and if you don't fit into the prescibed "norm" you are suddenly deemed as being irrelevant.

I have to be honest and say that, I have shed tears over this situation and I do get angry .... but at the end of the day that is not going to change anything. If anything is to change then there is a need to be strong and to keep challenging the adversity in a proactive way.
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